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Fredericksburg Military Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Strategic Counsel in Civil, Criminal and Military Cases

Whether accused of a crime or entering a civil dispute, military members and their families face additional challenges and potential consequences under the law. It is important to know your rights and to work with a trusted military law advocate. At Anthony C. Williams & Associates, PC, we focus our practice on protecting the rights and interests of our clients, including members of the military and their civilian families.

Contact us by calling 540-318-7269 to schedule a consultation or case evaluation with an experienced military law, civil litigation and criminal defense attorney.

Skilled Negotiator and Aggressive Stafford County Trial Attorney

We take the time to understand your individual situation and the unique demands of your case. Taking an informed approach, we will explore all of your rights and alternatives, making sure that you understand your rights and the potential outcomes of your case. We offer experienced advocacy in cases involving:

  • Family law: Fredericksburg divorce and family law attorney Anthony C. Williams provides effective family law representation to military and non-military families in cases involving divorce, military divorce issues, child custody, child support, spousal support and domestic violence, as well as adoptions, wills, powers of attorney, advanced medical directives and prenuptial agreements.
  • Criminal defense: We defend our clients in state, federal and military criminal cases involving crimes against people, property or society. This includes drunk driving, drug offenses and charges for reckless driving.
  • Military law: We represent members of the military facing courts-martial, court-martial appeals, boards of inquiry, administrative separation boards, security clearance revocations, discharge review boards, military boards for correction of records, clemency and parole boards, and nonjudicial punishment.
  • Civil litigation: We provide clients with meaningful solutions to a variety of needs, including debt collection, landlord/tenant disputes, contract violations and claims against the government.
  • Personal injury: After an injury or wrongful death, we can help maximize compensation in cases involving auto accidents, premises liability, dog bites and products liability.

Trusted Experience and a Solid Record of Results

Legal disputes are often high-pressure situations, especially when the results of your case can seriously affect your rights, financial security and your family. At Anthony C. Williams & Associates, PC, we seek to provide you with the experienced advocacy and dedication you deserve. Founding attorney Anthony Williams served as a lawyer for the United States Marine Corps, where he handled court-martial cases and made administrative decisions that protected the rights of Marines, ensured that justice was served and impacted military law. Since retiring from the Marine Corps in 2007, he has garnered extensive litigation experience in the local Virginia courts. His extensive legal experience will serve to protect your rights and interests.

Contact us by email or call 540-318-7269 to discuss these services in our Stafford, Virginia, office. We are open weekdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. We offer evening, weekend and off-site appointments upon request.

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Attorney Anthony Williams has extensive experience handling high-stakes cases. As lawyer for the United States Marine Corps, he provided dedicated legal service across the country and around the globe while holding the positions of Criminal Defense Trial Attorney, Appellate Defense Lawyer, Prosecutor, Military Judge, Administrative Law Attorney, Civil Litigation Attorney.

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